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About Donovan3D
D3D is a project I started a while back. I'd done some professional 3D prototyping at my day job, and learned early on the utility of being able to generate custom shapes, parts, and models in short order. When I learned about the possibility of doing this on a smaller scale, more accessible for the average person/hobbyist/modeler I immediately jumped on the chance. As people see the examples of what I can make, they start to appreciate how useful this can be. Check out the examples in my site, and let me know how we can help you.

Interested in learning more?
Case study: Car holder for iphone4s
This is how projects start- With a concept or idea. This customer wanted a car dash mount for her iphone 4s so she could see her phone and not have to fumble around with dropping it into her cupholder.
And here is the finished product. The phone fits perfectly into the holder, and the holder fits perfectly on the center console of the car.
This is the holder I grew for her.
Another example of what we can do. These are true six-sided dice, and there are perfectly legible numbers on all 6 sides, even the downward facing side.